J.H. Bogran’s Poisoned Tears

Thriller Author J.H. BogranJ. H. Bográn was born and raised in Honduras. The son of a journalist, José prefers fiction–specifically, thrillers with a touch of romance. I met him online when I began writing interviews for The Big Thrill, the online magazine published by International Thriller Writers (ITW). Not only does he write for them, he’s the guy who coordinates the assignments, so once a month or so, we exchange emails.

Eventually, of course, I wanted to check out his work, which (so far) consists of three novels and contributions to three short story anthologies. I found his work to be punchy and fast-paced, with a dark grit that fans of noir crime novels should love.

And these covers…beautiful, no?

Banner with J. H. Bogran and book covers


His third book, Poisoned Tears, features a retired Dallas private investigator named Alan According to the cover blurb, “Knox dislikes New Orleans so much he won’t even drink Abita, the local beer.”

The grudge began during the Superdome game that ruined his knee and destroyed his promising pro football career. But then his estranged son calls from the Big Easy and asks for help finding a missing fiance. Knox,motivated in large part by guilt, leaves Texas to take the case, but he quickly finds himself embroiled in a hunt for a serial killer who uses exotic poisonous animals to dispatch his victims.

Poisoned Tears Cover

I loved the unusual weapon of choice and enjoyed the darkly complex characters. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Take a look at these reviews (and then check out his books here):

“J.H. Bográn’s masterful new novel, Poisoned Tears, is a first class roller-coaster ride, a well-crafted thriller that offers plenty of twists, turns, and surprises. The story draws you in and won’t let you go until the final shocking revelation. I highly recommend this book!”
–Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling co-author of the famed Pendergast series

Poisoned Tears is a splendid piece of crime noir. J. H. Brogan’s darkly original tale breathes fresh life into the moribund serial killer genre, going the likes of James Patterson and Thomas Harris one better by adding all manner of creepy, crawly creatures to the mix. Brilliantly conceived and wondrously realized, this is reading entertainment of the highest order.”
–Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of Strong Light of Day

“J. H. Bogran’s Poisoned Tears takes PI Alan Knox on a ride through the Big Easy that is anything but easy. It’s slick, slippery, and deadly.”
–Barry Lancet, award-winning author of Japantown and Pacific Burn

“Like New Orleans, the city in which Poisoned Tears takes place, J. H. Bogran’s crime story delivers a slow burn. Stay with it, and you might end up with blisters.”
–Raymond Benson, author of “The Black Stiletto” series

“Great plot, colorful descriptions of NOLA and well-drawn characters. Poisoned Tears is full of so many twists and turns that it will make your head spin long before you get to the heart-thumping surprise ending.”
–Paul Kemprecos, author of The Minoan Cipher


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