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Sometimes you just need a special gift for that mystery lover in your life. Maybe it’s a friend’s birthday or a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker–or even a special treat for yourself. These are some of my very favorite gifts for anyone who loves reading and crime fiction.

Note: The links are Amazon affiliate links, which means that, if you choose to buy a gift through the link, I receive a small commission. (Your cost does not change.)

Novel Teas

I love these teas. They’re created by Bag Ladies Tea, and each one has a literary quote on the tag. I confess they aren’t specifically about mysteries, but what better beverage to sip on while reading a mystery?

This box contains 25 teabags and is made with the finest English Breakfast tea. Quotes are chosen from all over the world and include authors like Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, and Rita Mae Brown. Learn more here.





This one features modern American classics, like To Kill a Mockingbird, The Bell Jar, and The Invisible Man. Learn more here.





Pride and Peppermint is a charming tea tin fashioned after a Jane Austen novel. It has 2 oz. of premium organic rooibos tea, a caffeine-free blend with chamomile and peppermint. Learn more here.




Crime Scene Scarf

I have one of these, and I absolutely adore it. I saw a friend wearing hers at a Sisters in Crime meeting, and I knew I had to have one. I had to include it because everyone who sees me wear mine wants one. The brand I got is Lifetime Brands, and it’s currently unavailable, but this one looks similar. Read more about it here. And if you want to see the one I have, you can find it here.



Tequila Mockingbird

My cousin recently sent me several boxes of antique books. One was a little book of cocktails printed just a few months after Prohibition ended. My husband and I have enjoyed sampling them, and now we have a new book to play with. But there are more than drinks here. There are bar bites and drinking games, all with a literary twist, like “The Turn of the Screwdriver,” “The Malted Falcon,” and “A Confederacy of Ounces.”  Want to check it out? Look here.


Sherlock Holmes

This Sherlock Holmes mug features a detailed drawing of the famous detective himself, along with examples of his methods of deduction. Prefer Edgar Alan Poe,  Kurt Vonnegut, Jane Austen, or another literary figure? Check out the options on the product page.



And for those of you who prefer something a little swankier, check out this gorgeous tankard. It’s pewter and stainless steel, with a sculpted Sherlock Holmes badge. It comes in a silk-lined presentation box and is almost too pretty to drink out of. You can learn more about it here.



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